For all flashcard, users need to install the mentioned kernel to the TF card, orelse the flashcard can't work. We offer all kernel download for free. Please check your flashcard, and download the correct software for installation.

R4 SDHC 3DS/RTS card use R4i-3DS kernel from      R4 3DS kernel Download.

R4i 3DS card use Wood R4i Kernel from        R4i 3DS Kernel Download.

R4iTT 3DS card use R4iTT kernel from        R4iTT Kernel Download.

R4i-Gold 3DS card use R4i-Gold kernel from     R4i-Gold Kernel Download.

R4i Gold Plus card use R4i Gold Plus Kernel from     R4i Gold Plus Kernel download.

Acekard 2i use AKAIO kernel from        Acekard Kernel Download.

M3i Zero card use M3i Zero Kernel from       M3i Zero Kernel download.

Supercard DStwo use DStwo Kernel from       Supercard Dstwo kernel download.

TT 3DS card use TT 3DS kernel from        TT 3DS Kernel Download.

R4i-SDHC card use R4i kernel from         R4i-SDHC Kernel Download.